Transforming performance by changing the way people think.

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Performance management

85% of companies either just have or are just about to change their performance management system. What will they get in return? Not a lot, according to the latest research.

Management development

No one loves middle managers. From ‘The Office’ to ‘Horrible Bosses’, in popular culture, managers are portrayed as buffoons or beasts.


The #MeToo movement has shone a light on bad behaviour at work. Learn how to spot the many forms that bullying and harassment takes, and put an end to them once and for all.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Building a diverse, equitable and inclusive company culture requires a transformative, science-based approach.


Build a company which thrives on disorder and it’ll stand strong whatever the weather.


For all the investment in Compliance, we are no more compliant than we were a decade ago. Surprised? Behavioural scientists aren’t.


By almost any measure, reorganisations fail. Stock price, productivity, loyalty, even overall costs, are more likely to head in the wrong direction after a significant reorganisation.

Personal effectiveness

It doesn’t matter where we are on the ladder to the top, personal effectiveness is fundamental to our success.





If their first day in the office is the start of your onboarding programme, you’ve got some catching up to do.

Employee engagement

How employees feel and how a company performs are undeniably linked. Harness people power to improve performance.

Customer service

80% of employees reckon they give great customer service. Only 8% of their customers agree.

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